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Monster Cable Cabo RCA Interlink JR - Duraflex - Rca Ouro 24K

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Código: 85816
Marca: Monster Cable
Modelo: Interlink
Garantia: 3 meses

When it comes to wires and cables, Monster is a brand that you can trust. All of their cables are made for optimal performance. Monsters own Duraflex protective jacket will insulate and keep this cables safe. The 24k gold RCA connectors provide a secure and solid connection. Plus, Monster has built in the remote turn-on wire right into the cable. With that much convenience, it is hard to choose anything else!

- 5m Monster Interlink Junior Interconnect Cable
- Specially designed to transfer complex music signals while minimizing cable distortions
- Provides a quality connection between components
- High density spiral wound copper shielding protects against outside interference
- Dual-Channel design saves installation time and space
- Compact side-by-side wiring with remote turn on wire
- 24k gold contact connector for improved signal transfer and corrosion resistance
- Flexible Duraflex protective jacket is UV stabilized and resistant to temperature extremes, abrasion and chemicals while providing easy routing and installation

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